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  • Laser Zone

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    Console: Commodore 64 | Release Date: N/A

    The Empire of Irata and the Realm of Zzyzax have allied and attack the outposts of Terra with skull, bug and other ships. To defend the attacks, laser zones were erected, in which you find stations that consist of two computer-controlled plasma beams. Now you could say: "Great, let the computers destroy our enemies, the Earth is safe.". But the lasers need to be maintained and exactly for this purpose you are in station 106-A. During the maintenance the control computer breaks (these things always do that in the most unfitting moments) and as coincidence would have it a short time later hordes of Iratian and Zzyzaxanian spaceships materialise. Now you have to take over the controls manually to defend this attack. This is obviously not your day....

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